Environmental Engineering

What is Environmental Engineering?

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING; environmental health problems in the teaching of theory and practice is the branch of engineering. Especially for the protection of public health; 

– Fresh, delicious and sufficient drinking water supply 
– Waste water treatment or re-use 
– Solid waste disposal or recycling 
– City and adequate sewage and wastewater treatment plants in rural areas of the construction of 
– Air, soil and water pollution control to make 
– This control solutions to social and environmental impacts 
– To explore the environmental impact of technological development 

In addition, Rekreasyonel areas, rural areas and in cities and the creation of appropriate healthy environment (supply), industrial source of health threats disposal, insects and animals caused by disease, such as control of public health in the field of engineering dealing with the problems. 
As can be clearly understood from the above descriptive, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING is also can understand what it is. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING, for example heating, cooling or ventilation does not deal with issues such as landscape architecture and the like does not care. That is also an environmental regulation or environmental conditions in buildings environmental regulation is not the task of Environmental Engineering. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING as in other sciences, however, other areas will benefit from complete. In particular, the basic sciences of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematical sciences are most used.